Fried stuffed eggplant

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  • 400g eggplant
  • 160g pork (semifat-lean)
  • 160g tomato
  • 160g Chinese spinach
  • 80g sesame seeds
  • adequate ginger juice

Healing Effect

  • Soften the arteries, nourish the intestinees and stomach.


  1. Wash and half the eggplants verticaIly.Mince the pork, mix it well with a littIe cornflour and stuff it on the eggpIant, then sprinkle sesame seeds on top.
  2. Fry the eggplan overlow heat, add the ginger Juice. The eggplant is ready when it is fully cooked and the ginger Juice is totally absorbed﹒
  3. Serve the stuffed eggplant on a plate,garnish with cooked Chinese spinach and tomatoes.


  • Use more oil but low heat to fry the eggpIant and let it totally absorbed the gingerJuice to develop the flavour.
  • .Don't let the tomatoes and Chinese spinach overcooked.


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