Sow cabbage with Ham slices

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  • 600g sow cabbage

  • 80g Yunnan ham

  • adequate winter bamboo shoots

  • adequate black mushroom

  • adequate carrots

  • adequate chicken broth

  • adequate chicken fat

Healing Effect

  • Nourish, stimulate teh appetite and lubricate the large intestine.


  1. Discard the wilted leaves of the sow cabbage, wash and slightly deep fry the cabbage heart in oil, then braise it with chicken broth until tender.

  2. Slice the ham and soak it in broth. Slice the bamboo shoot, black mushroom and carrots, steam them with chicken broth and chicken fat before serving.

  3. Arrange all the ingredients on a plate, make a thickening with chicken broth and pour it over the dish.


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