Five Spices Cuttlefish


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  • cuttlefish 2 pcs
  • spring onion 1 stalk
  • ginger 2 slices


  • diced spring onion 1 tbsp

  • minced ginger 1 tbsp

  • minced garlic 1 tbsp

  • diced red chilli 1 tbsp

  • salt 1/2 tsp

  • pepper pinch

  • light soy 2 tbsp

  • sugar 2 tbsp

  • black vinegar 1 tbsp

  • white vinegar 1 tbsp


  1. Remove head, antenna, and skin, clean it up and ready to use.

  2. Score the fish then cut it into cubes, cut the rest to a 4cm length.

  3. Boil water and add spring onion, and gingar, blench the head and the rest, redo the blench again.

  4. Blench the cubes as 3.

  5. Heat up 2T cooking oil, pour the oil into seasoning A, mix with seasoning B as dipping sauce. Pour sauce over cuttlefish, ready to serve.

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Sectioned Spring onion



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02 January 2014

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