Pea Sprout With Garlic and Scallop Sauce


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  • pea sprout 10 oz

  • fresh mushroom 10 pcs

  • dried scallops 2 pcs

  • cloves garlic 8 pcs

  • sliced ginger 4 slices


  • salt pinch

  • sugar pinch


  • water 1/2 cup

  • light soy 1 tsp

  • oyster sauce 1 tbsp

  • sugar 1/2 tsp

  • sesame oil dash

  • pepper pinch

  • cornflour 1 tsp


  1. Rinse pea sprout and drain, soak scallop with 1/2 cup water to cover, drain and tear into shreds, reserve water for sauce, steam for 10 minutes until tender, peel garlic and leave them in a whole piece.

  2. Rinse fresh mushroom and shredded.

  3. Heat 1/2 cup of oil, fry garlic until golden in colour.Take out.

  4. Heat 3 tbsp oil and stir-fry pea sprout over high heat until soft, add seasoning and mix well. Take out. Drain and arrange on a plate.

  5. Saute ginger with 1 tbsp. oil, add sauce, shredded scallop, shredded mushroom, water from soaking scallop and garlic, bring to the boil and pour over pea sprout to serve.

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Pea Sprout

Fresh mushroom

Dried Scallops


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